If your business has a 32- or 35-hour workweek, then multiply the number of employees by that amount instead of 40. Let’s say, in the 19th century people used to work much more than now, at least hours per week . If you’re trying to determine whether or not you’re an ALE in the United States, you should use the IRS’s minimum of a 30-hour work week in your calculation. The IRS taxpayer advocate service has created an estimator that can help with this calculation. If you increase your opening hours and are open every day of the week, then you have a 0.875 FTE. If the trucks open at the same time, then you require two different people to run them.

  • First, it is necessary to determine the number of hours worked by part-time employees.
  • When working on the budget and personnel resources for a project, you’ll likely come across the term FTE.
  • Business process outsourcing happens when a business taps a third-party service provider to operate some of its internal processes.
  • For example, if a company has over 50 FTEs, it will be obliged to provide health insurance.
  • This way, you will be able to determine the number of full-time equivalent workers in your company even when you have part-time workers on-site.
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These calculations are used to clarify the company’s obligations regarding employee health benefits. However, if your company employs part-time employees as well, several of them together may equal 1.0 FTE. To calculate the FTE for all employees in your company, consider the full-time and part-time employees you employ. This is how a company, on average, calculates the average yearly number of hours that a full-time employee works. FTE is used in teaching and learning contexts to measure the total time spent on education or training.

Why Calculate Your Full-Time Equivalent?

Identifying full-time staff is not as easy as saying, “You work 40 hours a week. You’re full time.” Not when some employees work 50 hours some weeks, and 30 other weeks. Use FTEs to check eligibility for tax and health insurance policies. Some health insurance policies through the Affordable Care Act are only available to businesses that have certain FTEs. For example, the Small Business Health Options Program requires you to have fewer than 50 FTEs to qualify. If you have more than 50 FTEs, then your business must offer 12 weeks of family and medical leave as well as more comprehensive health insurance plans. Divide the total hours worked by the number of full-time hours for the given time period to find the FTE.

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Eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program — State-employed workers with 10 years or more of work experience have the opportunity to be relieved from their student debts under this program. This is applicable if an employee has made 120 qualifying monthly payments while working as a full-time employee .

How to convert FTE to hours?

If it’s a 40 fte meaning week, each employee that works 40 hours per week is equal to 1.0 FTE. Your FTE number is also an important factor in determining if you’re considered an applicable large employer. An applicable large employer means that you have 50 or more full-time employees or a combination of full- and part-time with a total FTE of 50.

calculate an fte

Finally, small business owners in the United States need this metric to see if they can apply for a tax credit in the amount of 50% of the employer-paid health care premiums. Let’s say you have two hires working 40 hours per week, three part-timers each working 20 hours per week, and two people with flexible schedules working an average of 15 hours per week. Full-time equivalent is a unit of measure that helps employers calculate the number of hours worked by all employees in their company. FTE is frequently used to assess an employee’s workload and its contribution to a project, or to track cost savings in a company. FTE in salary is necessary for accounting, as well as calculating the company’s costs while compensating its employees.

The role of FTEs in calculating eligibility for a tax credit

If you have a mix of full-time and part-time employees, the full-time equivalent lets you represents the full-time hours that all of the employees in your business work. FTEs are important for checking HR metrics and determining tax statuses for your business, but luckily they’re pretty easy to calculate on your own. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about calculating FTEs and how to use them. Such calculations have to be made every week throughout the year. If the employees work the same number of hours every week (especially part-time employees), the FTE will be the same every week.